Thursday, April 24, 2008

Travel Photos & People Photos

Because I am an avid amateur photographer, and fortunate to have visited and lived in many places throughout the world, I have decided to add album pages of some of my best travel photos and people photos to this site. These will include pictures from India, Israel, China, Morocco, Egypt and many others taken over the years in the U.S. (the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Taos, Alaska, Navaratri celebrations of Indian NRI Gujarati community) and Europe (London, Oxford, Scotland, Paris...). I may even try to get some of my American Southwest 3D Stereo Views uploaded, for visitor who know how to make their eyes cross in order to "freeview" pueblos and desert panoramas! I also anticipate adding photography tips and "how to take better travel picture" tips in general. The cameras I use are either my old standby Nikon F, Leica M7 rangefinder, twin-lens Rolleiflex, or the new Leica digital M8. But the tips will be relevant to anyone who simply wants better results with their camera, especially when taking street shots of people. Visitors may link to album pages that I have uploaded to date by clicking on the link above, "My Travel & People Photos." As time permits, I will add many more album pages. Visitors who wish to order copies and / or custom framed enlargements of my work for decorating their home or workplace / office spaces may e-mail me at any time to make arrangements for doing so.