Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Taj Mumbai in 3-D

More photography related: I have been fooling around lately with a program for converting 2-D to 3-D images(anaglyphs) while awaiting arrival of a beam splitter for making true stereoscopic image pairs with my digital SLR. Here is a photo of a portion of the Taj Mumbai that I took in 2006. I converted it to 3-D using the program, which created a file of nearly 12 MB that I then resampled in Photoshop. It's not truly eye-popping, but I think it's not bad either. If you have a pair of 3-D glasses preferably red-blue (rather than red-cyan and definitely not red-green) you will get a nice effect with nearly true rendering of colors. If you don't have any glasses, even the cardboard kind, try putting an R60 infrared filter over your left eye and an 80A blue filter over your right eye --- it will work!