Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fake Food Globalization

First post in a loooonnnng time. Couldn't help it. Don't know how much was paid for this, but I was stunned when I found it in the pantry. I am guessing that my better half had a promotional coupon. OK, Let's see. Nowhere on this package do the words "harira", "halal", or "kosher" appear. Of course not. It claims to be two servings, but I've never seen even a single serving of harira look like what came out of this package. The alleged two servings add up to a whopping 360 calories. More importantly: does it taste like harira? Yes and no. It's got date puree (not so far off the mark, but not as soup ingredient), but also sugar in it. Made with yellow lentils, not brown. What's up with the chicken? And not very liquidy. I don't know who the intended buyer is, what demographic. Not vegetarians. Someone who wants to "Go" (fast, presumably, or maybe to Morocco?) and "to rock those chickpeas." Someone too lazy to cook up a whole pot of soup. Not us, certainly not my wife. No disrespect intended! Just sayin'...

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